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Posted by DaveRooder - July 7th, 2017

On 12 th this month it will be my last day before I leave all the computers, tablets and every peripheral devices at home, for the sand , the sun and the noise of the waves. I will be spending some quality time with my family - the kids, wife and will have 2 weeks away from the reality of the internet.

I cannot say I'm leaving something successful or good - at least for now.
Hopefully when I get back things will get unstuck and....

I have my hopes about  - Golds of Altir - issue 2 . That it will get the interest of the people and eventually their support - on patreon. I am not expecting that this exact issue will get me supporters, I hope that people will like the character and will find the story interesting.

- violence, sex, magic. That's what we will have in there and hopefully people will like that.
But until then - yet another month.

Posted by DaveRooder - June 29th, 2017


I haven't been updating for so long. In fact I was having problems with my site - that lasted longer than I thought - and that affected all the aspects of my work : requests for patrons, and of course working on "Golds of Altir". I don't want to get into much details about the site - right now it's still in maintenance mode, but it will stay like that until I get enough time to organize the stuff about it: categories and menus. 
Anyways. Golds of Altir. My original comic strip with original characters is already a fact. The first issue is done and I already have my first patrons to back me on it here: 

What's the new thing about it ? Its the fact that I'm gonna do the comic in flash. Completely in flash. No, it's not going to be flash animation, it will be mostly static images imported into stage with some slight effects that will make the story more "appealing"  - hopefully.
The rough sketches went over 15 pages from the long ones I usually do. Imagine me drawing those and importing them into flash. It will take me probably a little bit more time :-D

Right now I'm charging the patrons per finished issue, which may sound uncool to some of you, but since I am working on several other things, those who pledge are not losing their money- as I'm not charging before the project is finished. If the comic gets the interest of people around - like to have enough patrons to back me up on it - I might start concentrating my work on it, but for now I'm far away from this goal. 

Guys. The comic is totally for adults. Which means strong and offensive language is included. The violence and cut off limbs , heads are nothing comparing to the fact that it actually shows explicit pornographic scenes - it's actually an adult comic strip with elements of fantasy.

The comic will be interactive, which means there are arrows that will help the viewer to navigate between the pages. This time the violence takes more place, as well as dialogues.
The idea how this should happen is not mine, in fact I saw some people around doing this and I found that I'm capable of doing this too but with my characters, story and idea.

I'm intending to upload the file here /without the sex scenes/ - as long as I finish it. It's NOT ready yet. It's NOT finished. I have MORE works to do on it.
But those of you who find the screenshot sufficient to support my work on it - can do that here : 

Briefly and shortly : Im working on comic strip for adults - and I'm using Adobe Animate. The comic has original character/s : Kyana Antur, a thief who meets monsters and villains on the fictional land of Altir.  
More about it here : 

Need your support in there guys : 

P.S. No, I don't want to turn it into a game. 


Posted by DaveRooder - June 23rd, 2017

After having the upgrade the next step for me was to make some minor changes to the rewards I offer on patreon , so everything I'd do should make sense. The next step is to work on the organization of my site so it can serve it's purpose better : to help me with my patreon accounts.

I had to reduce the amount of requests I do for my top tiers - and also to limit the requests only for that tier. (that was announced long time ago, but I have to explain it again and again ever since.)
The next thing would be to organize the categories on the site - and eventually to remove the comic strips that I've started and never intended to finish.

I'm working too much on requests or commissions  - which is totally okay with me, but I've got that "burning" feeling from inside that makes me want to do something mine - and that would be the "Golds of Altir" and my other character Anna. That's one of the main reasons I decided to reduce the amount of requests 15 per month for my top tiers ! :-)

The same goes with the amount of commissions as well. Like I said - I'm looking to have a variety of different stuff on the site, but the variety comes with the different people. Everyone has their own fetish, their own thing and that's why I had to limit the commissions to 3 per person for the month. 

About Kyana and Anna. / the similarity with names is coincidental / - those two O.Cs of mine.
I really need to introduce these two to the public and make them more popular and known. Also I'm totally into drawing superheroes from the popular comic strips, the same goes with the games and tv shows so these are going to go as usual.

I'm very open to draw the O.C. of the people who would come and become my patrons or clients. All those according to my conditions : 1 request /month and no more than 3 commissions per person /month.

Basically nothing much has changed, but I need to organize my own stuff....




Posted by DaveRooder - May 19th, 2017

In case you don't know my twitter : https://twitter.com/MavisRooder

Posted by DaveRooder - May 7th, 2017


Hey guys. Just saying that the first issue of my new comic strip is finished. This is totally my own thing - and by that I mean that I finally made something I haven't been paid or asked for, unlike the most of the stuff on www.mydirtydrawings.com. ...Well not exactly. I lied... TBH one of my patrons at https://www.patreon.com/mavis 
asked me to draw bug bear having sex with beautiful red headed barbarian girl . This :
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mavisrooder/bugbear-attack - and shortly after I received the request I have figured out that I already have a red haired character of my own. I created her firstly at 2013 but can't find the pinup of here anywhere around. Anyways. I just created an entire comic strip with her : Kyana - having sex with the bugbear. And it had to be in 5 pages in total - and to make the comic for less than a month.
Instead I made the comic longer, by adding more pages and changed the format of the pages. I used the map I made back in 2013 and started my story in Dourga. Check the map if you want - and started it from there.
The bugbear is original character speciment from dungeons and dragons, but I liked how he looks and  included him into the story. However I've changed the name "bugbear" and named them "orgras" - and probably I will not use these characters in the next issues  or ever again. Instead I might concentrate on creating my own monsters and creatures. 

Anyway - instead of me to draw a fast 5 page comic - I started to write and make concept about religious beliefs based on the ancient religions known to the human kind: Greek and Roman gods. I was reading the scandinavian mythology and the gods of Egypt. Let's say I went a little bit deeper into that matter just to write 2 lines about non existing gods in my porn comic .... Yes, it's porn comic, but I didn't wanted just to make it pull in pull out - orgasm - the end. The sexual part is not the leading.  It has to have a story - and the sex - is just by the way, but I believe it's good enough as a presense to it.

Whats the story about ? Kyana - the read haired girl - is telling the false story about the dead of a prince to his father - the king. The comic went about 8 pages in total with the size you will see on the samples I'm showing on my site here:
What I'm planning to do in there - except for the obvious sex stuff ? 
I'm planning to add violence and gore - for battle scenes. I want this to be a barbaric world with warriors and wenches, monsters and wizards. Magic and steel. And here comes the mythology I made up.
I've added 9 more pages with "confusing" explanations about the myths and species on Altir - seen on the comic.
Orgrans /bugbear/ are nothing but mercenaries and some specific stuff about the Dourgans.
With all written the people should get the idea that Demigods are going to be the bad guys in my stories.
And that's all about the world of Altir.

Some more time took in addition, because I asked a friend to help me with the edits. English is not my mother's tongue and grammar is not my strong side, so Paladox - was kind to do a proof of reading.

Now, this comic I won't be showing it for free on my site as the other stuff I do.
I already charged the patrons for it - since I made the settings here : https://www.patreon.com/mydirtydrawings - charge for a finished comic strip - not by monthly pledge.

If you pledge here, but you want the first issue - you will need to pledge $5 or above on my other patreon: 
https://www.patreon.com/mavis  - so you can get it at the beginning of the next month. I know it sucks and it's a bit confusing. But the reasons are as follows:

1. https://www.patreon.com/mavis - the patrons are getting charged  automatically at the beginning of the next month
2. https://www.patreon.com/mydirtydrawings - the patrons are getting charged by me, when I'm ready with the comic

Let's say if I need 3 months to make every comic strip: that's really a long time to wait and incredibly slow - keep in mind that I'm working on my other patreon as well and I work on commissions too, in order to earn money and to provide for mine. 

If one guy pledges on my first account he will get the issue faster- within a month , but he won't be supporter of the comic strip itself. About this thing I will write in another post.

So if you pledge here $1 or $5 : https://www.patreon.com/mydirtydrawings - you will get the Upcoming comic strip - the one I'm currently working. What about the previous one or the one you haven't read but you want to get ?
To get the old issue, you will have to pledge $5 or $10 on my other patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mavis
and I will give it to you once the month is over and you are charged successfully by the patreon's system.
How all this mess can be fixed ?
Simple: if I get enough people to pledge and support me on this patreon : https://www.patreon.com/mydirtydrawings.
I already stated my goal in there - help me to reach it and I will be able to concentrate mostly on the comic and all that stuff with me working on several places like octopus will be over - I will be working on the comic strip mostly.


Posted by DaveRooder - April 28th, 2017

For drawing vaginas and penises. Well.Marked as mature means or does not mean dicks and vaginas ? Obviously not. Sad day today. I will be suspended for 24 hours.


EDIT : I got my account brought back.

Posted by DaveRooder - April 16th, 2017


Posted by DaveRooder - March 21st, 2017

Yet another patreon ! That's what you would've say and you'd be right on some point. The thing is that I will be doing my own comic strip stories in there. Independently from any opinions - just something that's really mine. And yes - it will be comics for adults patreon.
I already announced this in here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mavisrooder/bugbear-attack
But I'm clarifying : Pledging is per finished comic strip. 1 comic strip should be having up to 5 pages /at minimum/ fully colored pages. It's a fantasy comic with monsters, barbarians, battles - with plenty of sex and foul language.
It will have violence , dialogues and story.

There are two pledging options /for now/. $1 and $5.
$1 - supporters will get the comic strip and access to sketches.
$5  - supporters - the same, but they have the ability to vote. So far I made just one poll - where I was asking my one and only patron / in fact he's the reason for me to start the comic and work on it/ what kind of "fetish" I should involve in the next following issue of the comic I'd do. It has been decided it should be monsters and girls :-)

Now to the point - what am I about to draw exactly. I have my own Universe - a land of Altir. I do have a map with places shown. Every place could be adventure and my original character Kyana is taking her way around these kingdoms. The $5 guys will be able to decide what will happen and where the adventures should take her by poll.

When the comic is finished - I will hit the "charge patrons" option and will provide them link with the files with the comic. If there's still patrons after this one - I will proceed work on the second comic strip - based on the decision from the poll.

Now to the point. The comic strip will be ready when I'm ready. It may take me weeks, month or more than month. During that time the pledge is there. Keep in mind that I'm working for the first patreon, I'm doign commissions, I have family deeds. This somehow is making this new patreon not so high in priority.

The goals are not specified, until I see that there's interest from people. 

Like I already wrote : it may take me weeks, months - and at the end it may seems that I've been working a for $5 through that entire time. That's not so important for me right now. What's important is my story. I want to give life to it. I'm developing it. So far I made the lineart of two pages only. Fully colored the first one. Kyana and that monster - which name of it's kind I will have to change to something else.

When I'm ready I will provide it - and will take the pledges of my patrons. Not before I start work, but after. 

Now - let's say I already have 5 comic strips(which I don't have yet). And People come and want to get the incoming comic and the previous ones. / I don't have a suitable option right now - but I will probably ask them to come and pledge on my first patreon and they will get the missed comic strip , and they will be able to get all the benefits that goes in there.
http://www.mydirtydrawings.com/support-me-at-patreon/ - please read it./ this is my first patreon, where I'm doing illustrations by requests of patrons / and cheaper commission prices for the same guys/.

Again - the theme is fantasy - swords and magic, monsters and wenches.
And this is Kyana - the main character. 1266894_149009043831_mavisrooder_bugbear-attack.jpg

Short Plot Synopsis: A thief is telling her false story about how the son of a king died. There's no magic in this first issue, but has some battle and mild bloody scene. The size for each page for this current comic is : 1000x3000px.
It is my decision, because I though that's important for the story. As you can guess - that will take me some time to draw, ink, colorize and letterize it. 

Now I will be needing your attention, interest and support in there. Patrons can see the inks for these pages.

And this is my SECONDARY PATREON ACCOUNT:  https://www.patreon.com/mydirtydrawings

Best Regards,

Davis "Mavis" Rooder




Posted by DaveRooder - January 22nd, 2017

Just made a small changes on the reward descriptions at patreon and made a brand new reward: Overseers.
http://www.mydirtydrawings.com/support-me-at-patreon/ - please read the details.

Posted by DaveRooder - December 21st, 2016

Yeah guys. Not the best gamer in world - but I'm there. Already playing "Zula Europe"- something like Counter Strike - and there's no many female characters in there to draw sex scenes with.