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DaveRooder's News

Posted by DaveRooder - March 21st, 2018

I believe I'm a creative person. Means I have my own stories to tell to the world. And eventually to gain from it.
I mean - I want to entertain. Comic strips are an old love of mine. I used to read these when I was little kid.
I'm 40 now and I have my own kids myself. I had a change in my life and instead of being an engineer - I went into IT area as a graphic designer, and several years later - I'm here drawing mostly porn from home. What a twist!

Anyway - I have two separate stories to tell - Golds of Altir , and "Deep Space".
Those are the comic strips I have in mind. Every comic has to have a story, a text that actually is telling the story to the public - the drawings are giving an additional idea to it, making it more clear and appealing.
Now. English is not my mother's tongue  - and I'm not making or trying to excuse myself.

I used to ask some of my patrons to help me with proof of reading, but with time I had to stop doing that - my patrons are busy adults - they are having a family, personal life etc.
In fact, most of them showed a lot of enthusiasm and desire to help me out - sadly the TIME factor is crucial - it won't be polite to bug them and ask:
"Hey did you finished reading my comic ?! Hurry up !!!! I must upload it and show it to the others !!!!" - you can agree that I cannot demand speed from someone, who's supporting me and is giving me actual money - and on top of that willingly agreed to help me with proof of reading! 

So I had to finish the comic entirely and to give it to the patron and wait patiently until they find time to read it.
Now imagine this patron of mine having kids, wife, mother in law, three dogs and cat - and all of them demand for their attention. Aside - this patron is having a serious job with responsibilities - a boss who's an asshole - you know the usual. Yet this type of patron found a time and spare some cash to support me and reads my comics at the end of the week.

Another type are the guys who see the story and for some reason, they find inappropriate the use of curses, blasphemy or they just don't like the names of cities, places, planets... 

On the other side are the guys of younger age who love to type "LOL, at the end of every sentence" - and everything they see looks fine to them.

The only possible solution is to hire someone - to do it professionally without changing my plot, story or whatever.
I cannot afford that. 

The common with the types of people here is that they all like what I do - BUT they ALL HAVE Life to live.
And sadly my drawings are not their first priority and it shouldn't be. Still, they are waiting for me to come with something!
That's why "Deep Space" has "ongoing" status. I come with one/or more/ pages from it every week.
A user from HF told me about a typing program named "grammarly" - a widget that can be installed on your browser and helps you with typing. That's what I'm using. And it's working - Not because of the program.
I'm showing the comic out - and there are people who are pointing out the typos for me.

I'm going to show the first issue out - and I hope to get the interest of people to become supporters on my patreon.
This will give me hopes to proceed on working on more issues of it in future.
The guys who pledge $5 will be the first to see the pages when they come out. 




Posted by DaveRooder - January 19th, 2018

This offer of mine is no longer valid. At this stage of my "career" people are not interested or don't knew about my site. Too few came and asked for a drawing, but couldn't get "the quote" of people to get them backed.
I do that for the patrons of mine. And that idea is put on hold.

You can read it below.



Hey guys some good news from me - if you want a drawing - made by me - you can request me by posting comment on my site - under any submission.
http://www.mydirtydrawings.com/requests/ - Read this first. 
Registration is optional - and you can post as anonymous.  



Posted by DaveRooder - September 27th, 2017

First the good stuff : 

I have started to work on comic strips. My thing now is my original comic strip " Golds of Altir" - it has swords, magic and monster and sex. Issue 1 is shown on my site absolutely for FREE:

Issue 2 is also there, but this time it's in FLASH and has the sex scenes censored - in order to have patrons coming.

People who pledge $5 or more should be able to access the comics in all of their glory - and uncensored and to get all the goodies that comes with their rewards.

To make the things better I left the people participate into polls in order for them to decide about the following characters in the next issue. Let's say I'm trying to make people involved in the story.

The next thing is the header of my patreon. It took me quite a long time to get the "courage" and balls to make a better header with indeed - the stuff I do inside.
You can see the new header in here: www.patreon.com/mavis
I also featured the main tags : Marvel, DC, Games, movies and Star Wars.
If you check it out the amount of the posts made you'd notice that they are not as much as I want - but the content I produce and I offer is mostly Original and based on the requests or commissioned by patrons and clients who follows different fetishes that does not include any known hero or Star wars character...

The guys who pledge just $1 are able to see all the illustrations I come with - and believe me there are plenty of them - coming along with their versions. 
You can read more explanations about that on my tumblr blog: 

Now the "bad" stuff : 

For different reasons that involves  the money part I decided not to post everything I show out for free - even on my site. I tried different approaches but what works good for other artists does not work exactly good for me. 

So far I'm using the insides of my patreon just like a blog. I post and it stays in there for everyone to come and see it. My intention is to delete the old posts with art I did back in 2015, when I launched officially my patreon. The old works will be archived and will be presented to the new patrons on demand - after their pledge is successfully transfered...

There are a lot of people (or robots ?!) who come pledge, grab - and leave - deleting their pledge.
That's not cool . Especially when I see some of my works on file locker sites with their logo watermarked over - like it's their own... 

Anyway - for now I'm keeping the things as they are.

Check my patreon  - and consider becoming a patron : www.patreon.com/mavis


Posted by DaveRooder - September 24th, 2017

And ... guys I'm "taking" hostages !
The object of my art attacks - right now -  are the characters from Monster High. I'm picking random character  from there - they became an art "hostage" to me. 

As an art terrorist - my demands are to get 250 followers on twitter. https://twitter.com/MavisRooder
If I don't get these - I'm showing only the censored version of the girl, while the uncensored and hardcore versions are presented inside my patreon : www.patreon.com/mavis]www.patreon.com/mavis (people who pledge any amount are able to see these inside)

If I get what I want - I will post ALL the versions of the character out - on my site : www.mydirtydrawings.com/

I already drew one character from MH. Her censored version is shown here :
and ONE of the several uncensored versions is shown in here :

The rest are inside the patreon of mine : www.patreon.com/mavis
Now. The next hostage is : http://play.monsterhigh.com/en-us/characters/bonita-femur

Of course my demands are as soon as possible - with impossible conditions : 
If I don't get 250 followers on my twitter until the end of THIS month - September 30 , 2017 - I will show only the censored version out !

So guys - free the hostages - it's all in your hands now !

P.S. I am NOT fan of MH, I don't watch or follow the show - don't ask me things about it - I know nothing. 

Posted by DaveRooder - September 17th, 2017

I'm very happy to see that this idea with voting actually works :-)))) A good man already hired Duncan.
While some other guys hired the "Strikers" - probably because there's a woman in there. I'll take a note about this for the next mercenary group !~ yet the voting is still on - and I'd love to see more people to vote and of course to have them on board of my patreon : www.patreon.com/mavis - these guys who pledge $5 or above will get the uncensored version of Golds of Altir 2.1266894_150565513433_results.gif

For some weird reason my few patrons didn't wanted to participate very actively on the second - items poll.
Only one of them voted - and they gave their votes for the dagger..... which is. understandable because of the bonus item. Anyways. Everything is in the hands of the patrons who pledged $5 or $10 on my patreon : www.patreon.com/mavis   


Of course the people who pledge $1 are able to see the incoming illstrations I am producing : The top 5 featured 
categories are shown as the main content,but the original creations are more than 170 and counting.
I am not including the comic strip "Golds of Altir" in this, because I'm sending the comics to the patrons directly to them on PM. I believe I'm pretty prolific and productive. With every each patron I'm gaining strenght and enthusiasm to proceed on drawing, creating and eventually entertain you.
Mydirtydrawings.com - will play a little bit different role from now on 


Posted by DaveRooder - September 11th, 2017

I can see the end from here. If God's will - I should be able to finish it until the end of this week.
It has two short sex scenes - but those are covered with black screen - and the scenes shall be seen only by my patrons - I'll send them the swf file on e-mail as soon as I'm ready with it. The cool thing will be that I'll use the voting widget - /poll / and with it - the patrons will be able to hire mercenaries from the "Broken Wagon" inn, but their vote should be able to buy some stuff from Daud . Every vote is a gold coin, and Daud accepts only gold.

No, it's not a game - it's a comic. The game - if there's such thing - is between me and the patrons.
That's just "simple" comic strip with some animated elements - nothing more , nothing less.


Posted by DaveRooder - September 1st, 2017

To those who kinda "missed" the demo - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/698567
Anyways I'm proceeding my work and showing some progress:1266894_150426584353_thebeginning.jpg

Posted by DaveRooder - September 1st, 2017

Usually I am quite busy and don't have enough time to collaborate with other artists. But from time to time I'm open for such kind of "adventure". This is somekind of a rant.
A time ago I made a "viral" post on imgur - and a lot of interest from clients , some of them were long time fans, some of them became patrons. Some of them were artists. 
The last group. Some of the guys were eager to collaborate with me. Very anxiously and somehow desperadetly.
They were begging me. I explained that I will be free until the end of the month.
They wanted to collaborate soon. And to post the result on the very same post with credits to their name.
It's very clear to foresee what they wanted, yet I explained them the following :

" Man - I don't decline you, I don't turn you down. I like your art style and we can still "collaborate".
But there are two choices before you: 
1. Make your own post with your own art - and hope to get it noticed by the people - then you won't need to seek for collaborations.
2. Wait until the end of the month when I'd be available for you - and again the people should like the result, but I'm not going to put your name on my post right now  - just because you said so. I don't even know you. "

I got nasty response, I was called names - and such.  I didn't  call back, I just ignored the guy.
This didn't angered me - just made me sad . This is not about art and collaboration to create something cool.
That's how everything starts. Now I will be suspicious to every offer of that kind.

BTW the viral post - I've deleted it and it was on imgur. I summed all the drawings I made there into one gallery - but didn't went through the user sub - and remained unnoticed.

I'm not disappointed - I'm just going forward - will be working alone - as usual - unless I decide I need a "collaboration".

Posted by DaveRooder - August 18th, 2017

So guys - lines are ready - currently colorizing it and integrating it into flash. I have cancelled all the commission requests I had / all one of them haha/ ....  Until the end of the month I'll be working on it and hopefully I'll be ready with it.

BTW Here's an animated gif I made - it has some cool doggos I found on imgur. The "story" is kinda stupid, but I did it anyway,

Posted by DaveRooder - August 1st, 2017

These remarks are to me only since I don't want to forget.
I'm proceeding to work on the issue 2 of the comic "Golds of Altir".  I'm making it into FLASH  - but it is not going to be an animation. Basically it'll be static images integrated and imported into the scenes. Buttons will guide the viewer into each scene/panel. 15 or 16 long pages will be drawn /currently made it to page 5 /.

Some of the scenes will be slightly animated for better understanding from the viewers. No sounds.
I found the forum message of Tom Fulp about the future of FLASH in 2020. http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1424896 - I'm a bit concerned and confused, a mixture of feelings and thoughts are flowing into my mind. I've been working with FLASH since 2006. Not all the time, but I used it for my job as designer and since then I made couple of animations (for 11 years couple of animations, very productive) - and not in a very good quality... Anyways - I'm not here to excuse or pity myself - but to put this link to the software the newground team made : 
https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/flash-resources/swivel - it has to be a tool that will convert the SWF into movie format. I didn't read yet if the buttons will be exported - and will they keep their command function after the process of converting. I guess I will find out that when I do the converting.

I already sent message to my patrons to send me their requests for the month. Speaking of which I decided to abandon the secondary patreon account - there was no use of it - a lot of bots and fake accounts started to leech over it. There's a plenty of program bots that crawl the accounts of artists and performers on patreon, they become " patrons" extract the content or stuff that's inside and before the month is over they bail /if they are live people/  or the system of patreon just announce them as "Fraud" or non existing users, quickly clearing their accounts of the system.

So the best I could do was to send a message to all the patrons and invite them to my first patreon account : 
www.patreon.com - explaining them the situation and reason why I decided to "abandon" this account. I told them that I will proceed work on "Gold of Altir" in there, but it will be a slow process and they won't be able to see an entire issue within the month, but they'd be able to see the other content I produce for other patrons. Surprisingly for me there were real people who listened to me and just came pledging to my patreon.
That realy gave me a "boost" on my work and that day I quickly made the line art on a whole entire page ! 

Yesterday one of my kids got sick and I was not able to work, because she had high temperature. This night the troubles with her health continued and I was so tired : I told my wife I will be taking care of the kid, so she can sleep and go to work at the morning. I was like a zombie through the whole day - and when Dina came back from work - I just felt on bed and closed my eyes for a moment. That moment continued until now. I slept since 6 pm until 3:00 am. My wife woke me and asked me to check our little girl. She was warm - Ibut not too much. I just gave her a glass of water and went into my work room to check the e-mails and stuff. Saw Tom Fulp's message and decided to write a note of it.

Sometimes I wonder - what would happened if I didn't quit my job as graphic  designer. I'm stay at-home-dad - drawing porn mostly in house watching my little kids growing up around me. My wife goes to work and comes back and we talk a lot. That was those moments I missed when I was a designer back in the days. 

Sometimes she comes in work room and checks the things I do. She's not very kind if she sees some incorrections in anatomy , so we argue a lot. But that's part of the thing I was looking for. Kids often attack that room - I'm trying to hide the monitor every time, but once they saw one of my dirty drawings - I was out to take a leak - and I've herd their voices commenting over my drawing. I've heard "boobs" - I quickly went out and yelled - their laughter was refreshing.