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DaveRooder's News

Posted by DaveRooder - April 19th, 2023

Unfortunately, I received several messages from long-term and new patrons that they are about to leave their patronage due to financial, healthy, and personal life reasons. Just my luck I guess.

Anyways - issue #2 will be on hold until I am "unlocked" by patrons or supporters. I re-opened subscribe star - even though I have no idea how to use it yet.

If you dislike patreon try unlocking me from SUBSCRIBE STAR: https://subscribestar.adult/davisrooder

My patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mavis

Just to let you know whichever goal I reach - that'll unlock me to start work on issue #2, which by the way has a ready concept and I'm ready to work on the lines of it.

Also, I'd love to read feedback from you guys regarding the first issue.

Also how many noticed the double " L " on the " traveler"?



Posted by DaveRooder - March 17th, 2023

I finished a third issue of "Battle of Supes" for patrons only.

I started another comic this time my own story featuring Spiderman. Of course, it'll be a parody and it will have sex.

As freebies I'm throwing out some of the commissions and works I've been doing during the month, and also started work on the concept idea of "Nicholas". So first 5 pages have been sketched - but haven't had the time to lay lines or colors on them yet.

That's it for now from me.

Posted by DaveRooder - December 17th, 2022

Once again, to those who care :

I'm not coming with updates strictly on Fridays. The last few weeks I've been devoting myself mostly to commissions because I've made some very .... reckless purchases—mostly things that I don't need - including a voice-changing program. So in Friday I found some time to do the lines for the next page and started work on the page after the next...

Colors probably will be placed tomorrow or I whenever I find the time.

Holidays are coming.


Posted by DaveRooder - November 25th, 2022

Hello to those who care:

For the past two weeks, I've had significant stomach pains coming and going. Then 24 hrs of constant pain lead me to a hospital with almost 5 hrs surgical operation. They removed a gallstone and appendices. The situation was worsened by the crisis I was into; Peritonitis - and I had to stay there for observation.

Anyways. I'm back home - it seems that I've missed one Nicholas update ( and probably will miss another one as well).

Now that I'm back that means I will continue my work on it, and the other projects I've started and had in mind.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving.



Posted by DaveRooder - July 27th, 2022

News to the guys who don't mind throwing something to support :

I created a new profile in subscribestar. It has only 1 option for support ($5) and the profile was created for those guys who wish to support my site : www.mavisdraws.com : Nicholas the bard, mostly.

This summer I slipped, hurt my back, and felt constant pain throughout the entire 7 days of vacation. I was on pills for 4 of the days, and on the last day, the pain got back to the level of unbearable.

On the way back, thankfully my wife was with me and she was driving me back. Sweating, high temperature, discomfort, and that nasty back pain. Three days before vacation I visited a masseuse - the guy used to be fixing athletes before and was fixing my neck, shoulders, and spine /from previous traumas I had /. So this guy went on vacation himself.

Finding my doctor in order to prescribe my treatment was a long process - as she went on vacation with her grandchildren. And then: I found an alternative thing on the internet -acupuncture. It worked. That's all.


Posted by DaveRooder - May 18th, 2022

... to do all the weird shit possible that comes to my mind. I know it sounds a bit disturbing, but by that, I actually mean that I closed the top tier ( the one that was guaranteed a two-page comic strip for patrons of that tier) - in order for me to draw my own stuff. So here's what is coming :

  • Star Wars comic for my patrons ( until the end of this month will launch the first few pages of "princess Leia's story"
  • Bunch of pinups in different styles - based on the result of polls thrown on Twitter and inside my Patreon: patrons only see all the stuff - check what's up on my Twitter : https://twitter.com/MavisRooder
  • From June will renew my work on "Greek Myths", which is free to see, on itch: https://dave-rooder.itch.io/dave-rooders-greek-myths-and-legends, however, I won't start work on it before the beginning of June. Will keep myself in shape by doing short animated loops, pinups, etc.
  • I also may re-new my work on "Nicholas The bard".
  • My Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/mavis

With all said I'm feeling the energy to work and create a lot of stuff. Nothing "weird" by the meaning of something bad, or controversial... just my stuff. I've unleashed myself.


Posted by DaveRooder - May 8th, 2022

The previous and this month I didn't work on the "Myths". I had to check my current engagements and deeds and decided to cut the top tier reward from my patreon - the $100 tier in order for me to have more time to work on my own projects.

Who knows I may re-new my work on "Nicholas" , and along with it on the Myths. Who knows.

That would mean less money from commissions as well - I'll probably accept less commissions - still thinking.

Cutting the top tier will be made at the end of this month and my concentrated work on "Myths" will continue from June.

Posted by DaveRooder - March 9th, 2022

My project continues. The first demo is out - as I already announced. It is short, but I had to come with something, so the people who support me should know that I'm not picking my nose. Sadly even when I announced the release too few people were aware of this project. I guess I will have to speak of it more often.

Right now I'm working on the next scene, where Actor goes the wrong direction. Note : Actor is not the main character in this project, or at least there won't be any constant ones. Their stories ends and another hero appears.

Alongside with my work on "Greek Myths and Legends", I am took a few commissions as well, and if I forget to upload these here on NG, you can check them inside my patreon. Any support is appreciated !



Posted by DaveRooder - March 3rd, 2022

Guys, I've been advised to do as much as possible before I should "launch" the first demo. To download the files, scroll down and click the links.

Of course the project is NOT finished - I didn't made to reach the story of Peleus, at least not yet. The Ancient Greek Myths and Legends is a vast world, and if you like what you'll see - then I will proceed my work to tell the story told by many authors before me.

For this project I claim ownership only to the artwork and the approach of the way the tale is told. I used Ren'Py, which is a 100% free software, and to me is a good way to integrate my comics. I am counting on my artwork skills, sense of humor and of course your interest and support.

At first I started to draw scenes and characters, like in a comic strip and the readers just have to click,to see what's next. But then I kept reading the documentation and found other options as well, which I used in the story so far.

I need you to know that this is my look and take on the greek myths and legends and I don't demand or ask anyone to agree with me on any of these. I claim no ownership to the greek legends, as those belong to the greek people and to the world, like the fairy tales told by tellers .

There is no main character in this tale - I call thir project of mine a tale. The project is not created to offend people or groops, it doesn't represent my real understandings about life or sex, and definitely it doesn't have any political direction and shouldn't be considered as such.

This is but a cartoon, made for the laughs and I don't claim any historical accuracy on anything, despite the fact that I'm doing my research on the organization of the ancient greek society , architecture, weaponry, clothing etc.

You must know that I'm doing this on first place for my own sake - I'm having fun while doing it.

My work on this project will continue at least until I reach Peleus and I tell and draw his story.

NOTE : The project will probably contain tons of bugs, typos, wrongs and stuff like that. I am not a developer, despite that fact I am counting on myself only to do all the work on it : writing, drawing, crisp animating and coding. I tried to make

With that said, I'd like to ask those of you who care to download and check as proof of reading - and tell me if I have to change or fix words, dialogues or sentences. English is not my mother's tongue. 

I'd love to hear your opinion as well.

The links to the files :

PC Windows : https://mega.nz/file/pj40iTRT#HYH0UKz7gGe_FqYrTXqXz-G9PeLEMFJDT9akWG8nlVk 

MAC : https://mega.nz/file/Ei4C3ZzT#5HsNrbwX-KPzEHpkUiyBQY1jP-BmTeRJ-LrDcBRKVv8 

Posted by DaveRooder - February 7th, 2022

That's right - I'm starting work on a new -long term project - totally NSFW - Greek Myths and Legends.

It will be a Ren'py novel - mostly click for the next scene - this is the moment to say that I'm learning how to work with this program. The first update should be as soon as I finish the story of the first big hero: Peleus (first in my project).

Notice : It'll be my look at the myths, definitely I'm doing it for my own sake and fun.

There's tons of work on this, and I'm strongly counting on my own artwork and vast knowledge in Greek Myths and Legends.