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DaveRooder's News

Posted by DaveRooder - June 20th, 2012

Come and see me how I will draw the O.C. named : Syn-Blackheart ! Here http://www.livestream.com/mydirtydrawings/

Posted by DaveRooder - June 18th, 2012

Guys if youre interested - come and watch me in here :

Made a start of re-make on older drawing of mine I did year and half ago - "I come in peace" of sexy alien girl with three breasts.... Sigh.... Just started it.

Posted by DaveRooder - June 7th, 2012

Wow... Got 73 fans ! Thanks guys for the support and adding my drawings on your favorites !!!!

Posted by DaveRooder - May 17th, 2012

Something comes in here.

Actually I wanted to start with the webcomic "Wordl Gone Wild" but instead of this I've decided to make some requests from DA that weeked. I've put on-hold some of the cheap commissions that came from some of you in here - during the weeked only. Unfortunately those who purchased wanted to have that "water" thing.... which obviously is not loved much by the NG guys - or they pretend they hate it. Anyway. I've got a fan base with 50 guys just now and it's growing!

Thanks for the support people ! I will come with more for sure.


Posted by DaveRooder - May 15th, 2012

Today I'm going to have a review from the guy who's going to integrate my design into WordPress.
It appears that WP became one of the most powerful tools of information technology nowadays.
It's open source, FREE to use - yet powerful and stable. Back in the days that system was used mostly for blogging, where people were using it to share/exchange news, information or just to write something.

I've got surprised by it's power and multiple abilities.
The only thing that I kinda dislike is the often updates that comes every week and this gives you and your nerves the creeps if you fall on crappy plugin that may not or may click together with the version of your WordPress.
On the other side the often updates means the WP is developing, growing and becoming stable and more powerful - and all of this open for the usage of everyone, who's interested. Guys - I'm not doing advertising - I'm just sharing thoughts.

Me on my side for being non WordPress wise I had to pay the guy for integration. Can't wait to see what would be the result !!!

If by any chance the site becomes successful - I'd invite some artists here or around to help me with the stories/comic strips and thus to speed up the whole process of producing content. So Wish me luck on that one! I'll surely be needing one.

And by the way I'm still open for commissions - check the link for details: /this is not my official page/


You can contact me through the mail form from the site there, or by sending PM to me in here.
I work fast - but those who commissioned me more than twice already know that.

Posted by DaveRooder - May 11th, 2012

Wow , NG !

I want to thank all the people who sent me PM with positive words !
Thanks a lot guys!Your kind words and encouragements means a lot to me!
That for sure gives me a boost to draw more .... a lot more.
Hopefully some of you would like to join my site, when I launch it - yes it's going to
have x-rated content and it will be pay-site. The idea of this is to make a living from it.

I'm thinking the membership fee to be something like $15-$20 per month /with preferences to $15/.
I plan to put some comic strips I draw in current moment and in time to animate some of them.
If the things with the site gets better I will look for some talented artists/colorists - to help me speed up
the process and thus to bring you cool sexy and awesome looking content and stories.

So far have a great day to all of you!


Posted by DaveRooder - April 30th, 2012

Guys... I'm planning to launch my paysite soon. Probably most of you don't give a dime about that. In that case the site of mine is not made for you. There is a small possibility that 2 or 3 or maybe 4 guys who would join me - in that case I will try to make my stuff the way you can enjoy in a whole.
As every guy on Earth who needs cash to make a living - I decided to follow this way on and make what it takes to get a site in a run. I made the layout, and currently because I'm lack of skills with word press - I found a guy to pay putting my skin design on the WP. I don't need to say that the site will be x-rated.

Those who are interested - PM me to inform you with it's location when it's ready.