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DaveRooder's News

Posted by DaveRooder - September 23rd, 2015

So this one I started like 2 years ago. With the idea to make it into comic - with orcs and elves and stuff like that.
And yes it's porn. However I never manage to proceed work on that. Basically the plot is as follows. Orcish army invades the lands of elves. The orcs are breaching the castle and one of them is the orcish prince, who sees the elven princess sleeping. The orc decides to have sex with her, while she's sleeping - when suddenly she wakes up - just to tell him - she accepts him. From this "aliance" there will be a child who will do something important - and since I didn't get to work on that story - I didn't developed the idea at all.
Probably I will never get to finish it. Also I dislike Warcraft idea in basic - it's kinda old, outdated and - I hate to use it on my own ideas and projects.


Posted by DaveRooder - September 7th, 2015

A month ago, I participated in  a "contest" for a card board game. No direct communication with the client, no information about a pay -  but hurry, because the rest already gave something. Communication with middle guy - a friendly person, /company who already claimed their prices with the client and now coming to hunt for guys who work with "low" pricing. / 

$ 5 for a sketch - usually for contest they don't pay (you know your final goal - the prize).
Requirements to draw sketches - no colors or further details / of the characters in game. 4 crew members and a creature.
Sadly and at the end - I found that there was no contest at all. Just replacable or expendable guys - who work for $5 / per piece. 

My thoughts: After I "won" the "contest" - I'm getting "the job" - and I will negotiate my pricing with them.
The facts: there was no contest, and every "contestants" were part of "team" - without knowing about that.

I "won" and they generously gave me the green light to draw the characters, announcing the same prices. The cool thing is that I didn't started work after sketches, after declining to proceed onward, the sketches were given to the other guy who was in line for further development and colorinzing. After that I was told that the copyrights payment / amount is not clear / would be paid after the client approves the final characters - not to me I'm out of the project, but to the guy who draws. 

There were requirements in terms. Do this in 2 days ( 4 different drawings in colors + cover art /logo/ for the game ) - total amount to be paid $35... this triggered me to go away. 


Check the link on my "Mavis Draws" facebook page. Give a like on that if you wish. Let's speak about art and expressions - not how unfair the world is.


Posted by DaveRooder - August 28th, 2015

The painful process is over ! 

The next that I should do is "Depravity Schools" origins - the idea already has been provided by the "IRISH DUDE" who is fan of "that" stuff - so I hope I will finish it for less than year.... / jokingly /.

Yes  "Fountain of Youth" exceeded it's creation for over a year. Maybe two. It started as a request by my memberс - I made some pages - then I wanted to put some jokes I'm usually trying to stick - and added them to the idea of the guy.
Then... I broke my arm, had surgery and fuck of - LIFE is a beyotch. Time started to pass slowly.
I believe my art style improved a little bit. And the weird/good thing probably is the fact that this can be seen on the comic. I'm lucky that the guy who's idea was this - is not complaining , but this makes him / and the rest of my 2 members on site are happy ( according to the maths 1+2 = 3 )

That said - after I'm done with "Depravity Schools" origins I will try to pull out some of the comic strips I already started inside and will ask the pepople for support : if they like the idea they can support me through patreon, so I can finish these. And right now I do have some stuff going on there.

Also I'm applying for a concept artist at a gaming company - if they get me I won't be able to create stuff I already started. And guys - what I want is to get my patreon going - and make it my job.

As I mentioned before - in there I want to draw heroic stuff from things I like - there's a whole universe of heroes from Marvel to DC and my favorite guy - The Batman. And futanary stuff - those who are interested can check my patreon and support me in there / for the moment I don't have much of content in there - and still trying to justify the pricing/rewards. So everything that goes to all my two pages: www.mydirtydrawings.com, patreon.com/mavis - is more than welcome ! 

There are several guys who don't want to be involved with any of these so they are commissioning me - you can see their stuff inside my site and the patreon / I'm trying to make different stuff on both the pages, but I was not sure if the guys are going to get account at patreon or join my site... 

x0x0x0x Mavis.

Posted by DaveRooder - August 25th, 2015

Several stuff - my old Pen Tablet got back from "the dead" - it's working, but I already have the new - better one. Probably will leave it to my kids to play with  - and draw their thingie.
Also I saw that asian guy who's throwing cards - pretty cool video. 
Made me draw this one - a little bit silly and probably god damn stupid. But it's somekind of releaf from the porn I draw... 


Posted by DaveRooder - August 17th, 2015

It's a sad day today. For today my little daughter today spilled a bottle of water over my desk - and there was my wacom pen tablet I was using for the past 6 years. I don't have to say I was dreaming of Cintiq - but we all know this is expensive and the Wacom Pen - was doing great. I did thousands of illustrations + sketches - with it.
I did all the content on mydirtydrawings.com - and the one on mydirtydrawings.net . I even started a patreon using it.
I've been commissioned by some people to draw a logo, mascot or comic strip.

Some of my jobs are to be seen on other sites, or there are guys who are selling those online. On some of the comic strips I didn't sign with my name, because the thing I drew was not by my liking. Still did it with my wacom pen tablet.
I did hundreds of sketches for my kids / for example the tea time - the drawing of the dragon and the kids, the girl and the angler fish/  and printed them so they can put colors and to have fun. 
Some of my ex employers made me to draw them what they was needing.  I did a lot of "requests" around.

All of those was done by using  the very same "WACOM" pen tablet. 

In fact that was my very first graphic tablet.  I'd say it repaid it's price so many times  through the years.
Good life, good usage and good job with it... Bye, Pen Tablet - Welcome - Intuos...



Posted by DaveRooder - June 17th, 2015

Had some troubles with the pilot site. Bought new theme and installed it.Had some additional troubles. Didn't had a time to draw  - because of that.

A client came - wanted banners - and since I needed the money - I had to accept the order. Now I'm doing banners - instead of drawing.

BUT - during the weeked I've finished the concept of "Depravity Schools"  - and hopefully I'll be ready with it until the end of the month. But that probably won't happen since I'm about to take a vacation for about a week. Should I take the laptop with me - and what kind of vacation will be ...

About Anna - the horian - comic - I'm going to draw several more pages to show in public - with no colors, just to see if the people will like it.  If they do, I will open officially my PATREON - and will continue doing it in there.

I really hope the day when I will draw only to come soon. Drawing to be not only a hobby, but one and only job.

Posted by DaveRooder - June 10th, 2015


Guys ! I'm on facebook - but I think you know that Come and hit a like for me on my toatlly SAFE for WORK / and watch/ page in there: https://www.facebook.com/mavisdraws



XOXOX  <3 




Posted by DaveRooder - June 6th, 2015

So guys. To those who are really interested.  I'm preparing my Patreon. I have that account for months, but still confused on what to show in there. It might sound strange but I don't want or don't always draw adult  - I started to draw that just because there was several guys who paid me so well to draw their thing I've made even a site.

I like the comics with superheroes / and there are very few who don't/ - and somehow the concept art.
Here's my thread in the forums at newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1391141

Feel free to check it. I have no expectations, no excuses or no wish to make someone happy in there.
Doodles and sketches. Just like on my site before the surgery and losing the job and before the many shit that happened. 

On that Patreon I'd like to draw heroes and game characters. Of course it will be porn but not most of it.
I gave you Anna - the horian negotiator to check her out. I hope you will like her - since I'm intending to show you the first couple of pages of the comic strip I'm working on. And also I hope to see some of you on that patreon.

But first I need to fill it with some original content. And I intend this content to be different from the one in mydirtydrawings.com.




Posted by DaveRooder - June 4th, 2015

So tired. Sleepy and tired. I'm pissed - for I have so many things to do. Projects I've started and all the things are going deadly slow.... 

Posted by DaveRooder - June 1st, 2015

A small animation I made. Yes - I know - his body from the left looks weird. But guys I haven't been doing this for more than year and half.... About this guy - a client paid me very well to make him a logo. I've had a talk with him a month and half - and he asked me to make a re-do a logo for him.  I did that but somehow I liked the face of the character I've made for him time ago. I've placed it on top right side of mydirtydrawings.net - as my sponsor. For now it goes to nowhere - probably the guy is still making changes on that, but I can't do a thing about that.