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DaveRooder's News

Posted by DaveRooder - July 28th, 2016

So um... guys - those who don't know - 

I'm drawing some stuff aside of the regular porn. However I don't post these on my site - probably because people don't want to see such kind of stuff on site with name : dirty drawings ..... Anyway.
I'm posting on instagram :

https://www.instagram.com/mavisdraws/ - and I'm using gramblr, because this is the only way for me to upload drawings from my pc to there. The sad thing however is that the format they allow should be squared one - so I have to cut some of the sketches.

The other place I probably will upload the same drawings /sketches - are here
https://www.facebook.com/mavisdraws/ - on facebook - 

And on Deviant Art - where I have 150 or something fans for the past 15 years of me being there.

Forgot to add Pinterest:

Posted by DaveRooder - July 13th, 2016

There are people who are giving me those - for some reason. At first I though those are cool, but now.... not so much.


Posted by DaveRooder - July 12th, 2016

First of all - I'm 100% lame at any game possible. And I mean it. Seriously. For years I've been standing on my broken PC but I was keeping on working on it - since it was working good enough with the programs I used in my previous jobs - as web and graphic designer. If I ever wanted to install a new game - the old crate was just giving me two colors on screen : blue or pitch black. I found out that the processor was overheating. 

Some time ago I made some cash and bought my self a decent PC. How decent ?! Let me tell you - decent enough to play : Fallout 4. I actually beat the game - and right now I'm playing two more - like Assassins Creed - Syndicate and Walking dead. But that does not change the fact that I'm fucking lousy gamer. That does not matter actually - as long as I'm having fun. Let's talk about Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.

Game was released in 2013 - and was created by polish game studio. From my point of view it had pretty decent graphics (far away from the one I saw in Fallout 4) but it was a nice first person shooter.
Weaponry - are somehow limited to three types of weapons: revolvers, shotguns and rifles - and their modifications - in one step upgrade (one step I mean - just one upgrade and that was it). There was upgrades on the character - and depending on the situations you can use either of those three types of weapons. For example : when you need to defend a wagon, or shoot in close combat the best option is the usage of shotguns and dynamite.

An awesome moment that brings small(by the meaning of not big) variety to the game are the duels. For "gamers" like me this was pretty painful process - since the lack of reflexes IS my strong side. Which means I'd be champion of numerous of times I've been killed.

However the game was easy to beat - and somehow ended shortly and fast - for 3 days the game was done. It had pretty decent story though : a man goes on killing spree in order to avenge for his killed relatives. Language is English - spoken with nice texas accent / the voice overs were made by US born actors/. 

There's a limitation to the ammunition and to be honest I was not able to get what was the difference between the regular sixshooter and the gold-plated one.... 

Like I said - it ended pretty quickly - and the only option that left was to beat it in the next from the usual three modes every game offers (easy, medium and hard). Just to say I play easy on everything that comes. It also had some other additional options similar to the arcade mode, and only duels - which is total nightmare - like I said there's need to adjust hand position with the keys (which never became clear to me how to do that properly - I was able to max it to 20 % top and then the enemy started to move - and percentage dropped) and to aim with the mouse at the same time. Those percentage for the hand and mouse - goes for speed and concentration - which appears to be crurical for duels.

There was NO SEX in the game - like there was no single female in game - except for the cutscenes - which I love to watch in most of the games with stories. In this case the cut scenes were presented with static illustration sketches - made with bold lines and no colors. The voice acting was awesome - in fact there was a female voice behind - during those cut scenes... She appear to be a girl who work in one of them salloons who were popular in Wild West. And that's it.  If there should be any sex in the game it was mentioned indirect - when the main character was telling his story ( the game is the life story of the life of Silas Greaves - the shooter who was walking around to kill everyone involved in the death of his brothers - and all of this brought him to the path of a killer who now also seeks a redemption). So Silas mentions that he was married once for two indian sisters, but he "quit" because they were talking too much.

Not the best game I've played - but it's a nice way to spend the weeked ... if you are alone, ugly and you don't have sexual or any kind of life - or you just been bored.

In my case - a friend gave to me several games on discs - just to get a taste from the gaming - and eventually this should help me with my art and communication with the guys around.

I will present a couple of illustration regarding this game but if I would evaluate the game I would give it 3 of 5 stars, becase of the story and the funny moments it offered on some times.

Have you played that game guys ?


Posted by DaveRooder - May 30th, 2016


So basically I will be starting a page or 3 - and if people like it - they can support me by pledging something on my patreon... I guess.
Stuff to be shown at : www.mydirtydrawings.com - for free.

Posted by DaveRooder - May 16th, 2016

To me this is some kind of success. www.mydirtydrawings.tumblr.com
3 point zero, zerro , two - in math that means : 3 people.... :-(


Posted by DaveRooder - May 14th, 2016

Guys - I'm kinda "tired"of uploading all the stuff on mydirtydrawings. Reasons vary : 
From - they are too many, to most of them are with such a low quality that even I don't want to look at them.
We shouldn't forget that majority of the drawings are since 2013 - that was the most productive and probably successful year to my site. It does not matter how my drawings looked : odd, distorted , bad lineart - believe me I know and I see that now - there was people who were coming and paying.
While thinking about it - people are not paying for the porn, or art - they are paying to share and see their ideas coming to "life". I believe that was valid in my case. However - times have changed. 
I cannot see myself and judge myself with this current drawing style I have. But I never stopped moving.

Those who has time - and don't mind to see my sketches - can do that in here :
http://pixiv.me/mavruda - there's link "View more". 

Mydirtydrawings.com is free to see - and again - what you see in there is not the same with the stuff on patreon.
For sure I will be needing a help, a support - and the guys who come can pledge a dollar or more - in return I will entertain you.



Posted by DaveRooder - May 4th, 2016

Okay today I finally upgraded to Windows 10. Everything looked fine and cool , then I suddenly decided to draw.
I open SAI - and ..... actually it didn't open at all. It did not worked !!!! 
Then I've stubled upon this article here:

Now it works...

Posted by DaveRooder - May 2nd, 2016

So guys - like I use to say - I'm not WP wise, yet I'm using Word Press on my page. Why - it's Open Source, Free and basically you can do everything by yourself - the bad news is that you can mess up your site on your own.
If you're a money man and got more than $20 bucks in your pocket you can buy some neat / and affordable plugins / that can make the experiencing on your site more ... acceptable. Yet it won't harm if you check for free alternatives - you just need to check that around.

Now I'm not here to advertise the usage of Word Press - but to remind mostly to myself what I was doing the past 2-3  days.

Since I'm pulling the content from members area and showing it for free - and through the process I'm getting new ideas like : I need to show this here, or there - I'm installing numerous of plugins that allows me doing that. 
At first I was not able to upload Swf files - and the message was : for security reasons. Bullshit ! I've started to read articles about this and found the solution - adding a code to include this into the "allowed" by WP.
Then I found out that I actually cannot upload even .jpg and gif. WHAT ?! The same thing - again - so I found  plugin about that issue though. 
Then after all has been done I stumbled upon the next issue : Jetpack problem - I couldn't connect to it. 
Connect to the support / who's dead and non responsive - and ask them to help you out. Amerinoc - that's the hosting provider - so guys - keep that in mind as I already do. I'll definitely think of changing it with someone else.
And then look for solution by yourself : 

I know this may sound boring - and to me it is - so here's my latest drawing / made recently, not pulled from the archive/ - on :

Posted by DaveRooder - April 30th, 2016

1266894_146202268223_13712249930701113213.jpgI got message that really confused me. Some of you was concerned that I'm gonna put an end to myself.
I must say - I love the life too much. I'm devastated by loss of the site I spent a lot efforts into, but that won't be the reason to kill myself...  Do not worry - /if you are worried / - I'm a fighter - I don't give up that easily - I'm just getting up and finding another solution. The solution in my case was to show it's stuff for free - that will show the people around that I'm not lazy - and I'm a hard worker. 

Also if I should decide to kill myself I won't send a wide message to the world  - I'm gonna do it and no one would ever find out or will care. However I'm not a suicider - and hopefully I will never be.
I have my tough moments who are more and more, but guys - check out Nepal - there are people out there living after devastating earthquacke. See the people in Japan - same. See the refugies from Siria and other countries who runs from being killed for real ! Who's better ? Me or they ?!

I'm drawing fucking porn - and those guys are starving - with lost limbs , nerves - with no clear idea about their future!
I may get 1000s of fans on patreon and start earning enough to live a decent life - and then would you be pitting me ?

I need not pity, Ladies and Gentlemen !

I may sound frustrated - and sorry if my previous post about mydirtydrawings sounded desperate. 
In fact I was angry. I'm still walking tall and fuck- I wanna live - I gotta family who are counting on me.

I got two lovely kids, loving wife - and I'm too selfish to take away this life from me - because I need them - they are charging me - like a battery. My parents found out recently that I draw tits - and they decided to support me.  My wife supports me and she's very criticle about my drawings.

How can I leave a life like this and quit so easily by killing myself ?  Fight , fight - to the death - and I'm not be the one who will lose.

See you at picarto ! :-)


Posted by DaveRooder - April 29th, 2016

Guys - to those who care and want to know what happened in there. My site was ripped - and it's stuff can be seen around the file locker sites. Some people are even selling my stuff outside. I cannnot do a thing to stop it or forbid it... 
That's why I decided to make mydirtydrawings a free-to-see page. Those who want and are curious can come and check my stuff at : www.mydirtydrawings.com - I'm pulling out the content from the members area and putting it on the free page for everyone to see it. I'm not ashamed - otherwise I wouldn't show those - I'm presenting it for free  instead of trying to fill small holes in that already sunken ship.

Most of the content is fetish - drawn by request or ideas of some of my ex-members. 
So far I was giving the membership as bonus to my patrons who pledge $25.
With no site shown - I had to remove that option. It was strange that those guys didn't wanted to get in - because they were thinking the content inside is the same I'm showing on patreon. With site not paysite anymore I had to remove that option. So those who want to support me can pledge on my patreon : 

$1 - and will watch all the stuff there.
$10 - the same - but they have the option to get requests when request thread is open / 

I will open $5 to those who want to support me and mydirtydrawings so I will proceed drawing random shit like the ones you will see.

There is more things that are cooking right now and there will be higher reward options that will be open, but until then - this is what it is.

The site is free-to-see now - and I haven't  almost anything else - so any kind of support would be appreciated.
The stuff I present on the patreon however differs from mydirtydrawings - so those who decide to support me will be able to see what I do in there too.

Basically -
1. patreon - I draw Marvel, DC  and other popular character - and I do requests for patrons.
2. mydirtydrawings - fetish stuff /watersports, milf, moms and shit like that.

I feel somehow destroyed - and all my efforts went to the ground, however I believe it's the best decision to show everything outside/with some small exceptions - there are some commissions and drawings I made and who are part of other membership sites - and their owner gave me permission to present them on my page as well. So those are "locked" inside patreon - 


About the page - mydirtydrawings was my sketch book, my learning pad and place to develop something - it's not an art style - but a way to speak with the people and communicate. 

You will be able to see some of my old stuff that looks odd, distorted and disproportional - stuff that are not by your liking probably - again most of the things were made for members and people who wanted to share their secrets with someone. And that one was me . Since 2011 I was drawing and still drawing almost every day. You know practice makes better.

Back in 2012 - just because I was having members on the site - I was confident and I was thinking that "I can draw, I'm fucking good" - just because several people told me they are happy with what they see...
Then I came here - at New Grounds . And people told me the ugly true. My style sucks. Then I started to read books, watch videos for anatomy lessons. And found that I know nothing. And yes - I KNOW my "art"  is not top notch.
Don't get me wrong : I'm not whiping or trying to punish myself.  I'm not humble or humbled. I can see myself clear - I don't refer my drawings as art - or at least not the "serious" way. 

It will take some time until I move all the stuff from mydirtydrawings to it's free location. 
Sadly I'm not very familiar with WordPress and I wanted to make some changes on the design.
The only way I can pay  someone to help me do that - at this current moment is only with.... art.

Ladies and Gents, 


Yours, Sincerely -
Mavis Rooder