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Posted by DaveRooder - September 10th, 2020


I'm trying to figure out how to use tweening - it's not like in FLASH - can't do smooth movement like in there - it appears that I have to do frame by frame. Can't say I'm really fond of that, but as I read from their page - their team works on that feature and should be included in some of their next update. Currently it HAS tweening, but it doesn't work like in FLASH.


Posted by DaveRooder - September 9th, 2020



Posted by DaveRooder - September 9th, 2020




Posted by DaveRooder - September 9th, 2020

Just wanna share that once I found more about Krita - I jumped on it like wild dingo on a baby in a cart.

Years ago I was doing my tryouts in Flash, but of course once Macromedia was bought out by Adobe and of course quickly made into a monthly paid experience. Of course that's not bad - once you paid $15 for the month you can use it and do your thing. But there's Krita. What does it have and what can you do, except the obvious ?

  • You can draw your art on it - illustrations, comics - name it.
  • It has a bunch of brushes, textures, filters - it's highly customizable
  • You can do some cool animation stuff on it.
  • And yes, It's FREE
  • and they have helpful support personnel.

Sadly it comes with some troubles on the road - like crashing, but their site support are pretty active and helpful - and they have bugs free versions coming as updates, that you should download and install in case you stumble upon some of them - just like me.

I know my animations are pretty crispy and lousy to some of you, but I don't really care about that right now.

I'm having fun when doing those. Will post these on my twitter : https://twitter.com/MavisRooder

or here.



Posted by DaveRooder - August 3rd, 2020

I'm on vacation until August 8th. Once I get back I'll proceed my work on Nicholas. You can check it out on www.mavisdraws.com and if you enjoy it you can support me on patreon.

My current need is to collect enough cash to buy Cintiq. You know better detailed images and work.

Also come and check out my twitter I did a couple 2d animated images.


Posted by DaveRooder - March 2nd, 2020

Okay - as you already might know - I run a page - mavisdraws.com - which is free, means people don't have to pay to see my stuff. Sadly even the free pages runs with a money. I tried to involve people to support the site through patreon of mine - but was it because of the lack of views or the people just didn't care - I can't tell. That's not important for now.

The host support agreed to leave my page to show and eventually to put a message on it, until I pay.

Last month I had to make some major payment and I ran out of cash... so I will need to work a bit in order to get some $$$ and feed my account.

Unfortunately thoughts, prayers and good intentions didn't worked. I should do some changes.

EDIT : Some mistakes made from my side - I didn't read the support's message - I had to pay for the domain name of my site, not for the Hosting. Hosting ends on May 20th. The payment /which was cheaper/ just went through - the site of mine should be up in a few.


Posted by DaveRooder - February 23rd, 2020

Okay - Just saying in case you don't know :

I want this site of mine: www.mavisdraws.com to be sponsored by its patrons. I have set goals on patreon that should guide the people trough different moments and in return, I will unlock some things that I’ve done previously and will be doing more in the future.

In short: I’m counting on people to come and support me on patreon in order for me to show the art I’ve made – here only on my site for free – /or at least this should be the first place to see those – before they are spread to other sites.

Save MavisDraws is a sentence, and should be considered as a statement – not crying for help about financial troubles: It is about the appreciation: to me, it comes with the support of the fans, with their comments here and desire to see more.

There's less than a month for me to pay the host – and the goal is $300.

I wanted to involve people to support an idea and me. $300 is achievable. Pledging the least amount might show appreciation. Even leaving a comment saying ” hi” – shows some love. I didn’t put any banners, ads, or popups to jump in your face – and this page advertises only me, me and ME.

Everything on the page is free, and I’m willing to show all my stuff out.

I want to keep this that way.

Commissions, however, are not included in this goal. Commissioned jobs – include the word “job” means I do work for someone for the pay. That is not a help, it’s a service, a trade – and as you can see I did a lot of illustrations.

That means I should be able to pay for the hosting myself. If I do that – this will make the idea of having a goal on patreon meaningless.

Things that you might see from me /in case the part with the goals actually start to work/:

1. I will be posting more regularly here (mavisdraws.com), but first to see the posts will be the patrons

2. I will start making short animated loops /in future goals/ - check my twitter for reference on some of them.

3. I will start streaming on schedule on twitch, picarto, youtube – one of those. /in further goals/.

4. I make videos with the process of my works – speed process and will post the videos on youtube /mainstream ones/ or on Newgrounds – /in future goals/

5. I will eventually start doing illustrations based on the choice of the crowd or by votes from a poll.

6. I will eventually create an account for prints and merch you could buy. / in future goals/.

The end date is set on May, this year. As it seems I will have to pay the host - but like I mentioned on the above this will make the whole idea of my goals on patreon meaningless. And I will have to change them to something more relevant.

Posted by DaveRooder - October 9th, 2019

So I've started inktober challenge myself. As you can guess I cannot make a drawing everyday - because I have other stuff to do - but in order to catch up with the flow - I'm doing 2 or 3 per day. Not sure if I'll make it through the entire month, since the upcoming week from 12 th until 20th - I will be afk - mostly dealing with the housing and other stuff. Anyways - check my shit done to honor INKTOBER :

follow me on twitter to see the new-coming ones : https://twitter.com/MavisRooder

  1. Ring





4. Build


5. Husky




And Off-prompt list :



Posted by DaveRooder - August 18th, 2019

I'm back from vacation - actually that was the previous month - more than 2 weeks ago. I had my share of sun and love and sea food , and good emotions.

I'm re-opening an old project - my site : www.mavisdraws.com, previously known as www.mydirtydrawings.com

The site had almost no visits - different than spam bots, chinese, indian or ukrainian visitors who would type ... something. I had to "take it down" - and left it to die on it's own. But recently I decided to give it a last chance.

By "Last" I mean literally this. The hosting for this page has been paid until April next year. I have no intention to continue supporting it - if it doesn't work for me and if it doesn't entertain vast amount people. My next goal is reaching $300.

The cash from the reached goal will be used to pay the hosting company for another year.

The point here is the principle - and these should be achieved through patreon itself only - not from donations or commission jobs. I somehow don’t see reason to pay fees every each year for a site that doesn’t repay : $300 hosting , $350 a plugin /that includes 24 h support / - currently the second thing has been disabled 

Some ideas about my future goals /those may change - depending on interest of the people.

My long term goal is to start posting all my stuff on www.mavisdraws.com - and patreon would be the thing that will support the page and me. So - there should not be anything on patreon, but all on the site - out and for free. 

The amounts written are approximate and not exact - as well as the goals I set.

$800 - $1000 - will start posting twice or thrice a week

$2000- and above - will pull out all the stuff I have inside patreon - including previous years , but without the stuff that are patreon's policy... I actually did some stuff and I had to remove them after I've been observed recently.

I know - why would you pay for something that you’d get for free - the answer is : I’m not selling and you’re not buying. Giving cash is support to me as an artist - and that’s how you will help to get the page : www.mavisdraws.com running.

So guys - if you have questions, suggestions, cool ideas - regarding the rewards I offer on patreon or the things you wish to see from me -I'm all eyes and ears and I'll be happy to respond.






Posted by DaveRooder - July 12th, 2019

Weather is not the best. Mostly windy and cloudy. I see a lot of stray cats on every corner. Not a cat person myself but at some point I decided to take photos of them with my smartphone. My thoughts are clear and I am thinking about how I'm about to share a comice strip on my site every Friday. Eventually I'll include Tuesday as a day of update. And the commissions will continue until I get enough patrons to support what I do.

Did I mention that I started to play with Renpy earlier? It gives me a lot of options to choose from. I can do some of my comics using it.

And of course my site where I will be showing all of these.