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DaveRooder's News

Posted by DaveRooder - July 9th, 2013

Yep. Lol - just lol....

Just Joking Around

Posted by DaveRooder - July 8th, 2013

This one had to be a deal between me and the owner of another site. I don't know what happened. The guy just disappeared and just this drawing left to be seen ! :-)
I did not named it "More milk?" because it would be too obvious ....

More Sugar ?

Posted by DaveRooder - July 8th, 2013

One of my older drawings made. Check it inside the free secion of my blog at:

Muscle Girl Pinup

Posted by DaveRooder - July 8th, 2013

Yeah - I did a lot of these inside my dirty drawings. However I had to reduce the amount of drawings I do for every new joiner.
I'm still able to take requests from members, but this time just one per person - every month ! :-)


Posted by DaveRooder - June 29th, 2013

Our world is filled with soulless people. We use smartphones, tablets, laptops, headsets, handsfree.
We sit next to each other and still we don't talk. We lost our abilities to communicate without help. The help of the smartphone. We've turned into machines. When we say "Chat" we mean the usage of keyboard. We've turned into robots. We live in cities of concrete and glass and tons and miles/kilometers of cables. Communication and electricity cables. We go to work and get back home to our soulless family and sit watching the TV, in front of the Copmuter, smartphone, laptop, tablet.... We are lonesome machines.


Posted by DaveRooder - June 28th, 2013

Working on flash animation that will be presented to my members next month - hopefully.
Just giving a glimpse on it.

Fountain of youth

Posted by DaveRooder - June 16th, 2013

Some months ago I made this commission for a chat site. It has 6 rooms - including versions for mobile phones.
I've been paid to make the art for : logo and the rooms. Front page artwork is not made by me - it was placed by the client in there. The site is quite new, so you guys might want to go there and chat with each other.

http://www.chatzombie.com/funhouse/index.php?c=f fff60


Posted by DaveRooder - June 3rd, 2013

The mydirtydrawings.net site will be put on hold for now. But mydirtydrawings.com will follow a new directions:
1. I will proceed to draw the request of the members, because this makes the content on site more variable.
2. I will start draw fairy tales - but this won't be having antyhing with Disney and their style of characters.
For example I've started a new comic "Red Riding Hoe" - which does not have a proper dialogues, but pictographs.
3. There will be more animated loops - hopefully I will be having the energy to make more in future.
4. Funny stuff - rude and fat jokes - will be drawn in order to be more amusing.
5. I will proceed to exploit the idea of "Aunt Annie" and the other characters who are banging her/with her.
6. I will abandon the making of "Devika Patil" and "ShapeShifter" - because I lost interest of making these a long time ago - and because these were started 2 years ago, with my older drawing style.
7. I will proceed with "Twilight Saga" short comic strips.... I know it's idiotic, but I can't hold myself of doing it....

Posted by DaveRooder - May 27th, 2013

I'm about to launch a new site under the domain name mydirtydrawings.net.
I decided to do that , because Processing company which services I use for membership payment fees is forbidding me of drawing some particular stuff.
By particular I mean:
- Marvel , DC or Dark Horse Characters
- Disney Studios characters
or other characters and heroes who are object of copy rights.

That is somehow understandable - but it is also reducing the circle of watchers and potential members of my site.

That's the reason I decided to go with a free site / which will be a supportive site to major one: mydirtydrawing.com

There will be some major changes within mydirtydrawings.com - with the direction of it's development in future. The site will depict the fantasies of it's members AND will present fairy tales , but not the Disney style.
I already started with a new comic strip named " Red Riding Hood".
As family guy I've read a lot of fairy tales to my kids and that makes me knowledgeable enough to follow the original lines of the fairy tale but to add kinks and twists.

I'm waiting for confirmation from the hosting company about the "net" site and there will be announcement about that too.


P.S. Update - the service I found looks like a similar version of tublr or blogger website.
They don't allow to make my own design or major modification to the existing templates they have in their database - they also don't allow access via FTP - don't don't , dont's - to many "don't"s

I guess I will have to wait until a little more before I'm ready to buy a proper hosting and do the things as they have to be. Still the idea is on - but will delay - until I fill my Paypal account with some cash.

Posted by DaveRooder - May 1st, 2013

Yesterday I called it "Friday Madness". I'm regular on another forum and I show there my stuff. If some of the threads there is funny I draw something quickly and then the guys are able to see it. The safe to watch things can be seen on my facebook profile in here:

I'm still able to accept every request from members so come along and join me on my site!
Again: Once you become a member of my site you're able to watch hundreds of my dirty drawings and sketches, including the comic strips and the incoming requests of other members, and don't forget to press the "requests" button on the navigation menu - there you should read the conditions and below is the form, you should use to send me/describe me your 3 requests. And again the requests are free of any charge !